Frozen Curry & Meals

Curries usually freeze well. As a general rule, meats, beans/dal, and most veggies in a sauce will freeze well. Potatoes get weird and mealy. If you under cook the potatoes they come out much better.

When freezing this curry, make sure to let it cool for about 30 minutes before packaging it away. Scoop out portions into tupperware or plastic bags and label them so you don't end up defrosting curry instead of spaghetti sauce on pasta night. To reheat, simply thaw
in the fridge or microwave.

Just like spaghetti sauce and lasagna, most curries freeze and defrost extremely well. The truth is, not everything freezes well. Potatoes and carrots, for instance, once cooked, don't freeze well. This means they don't survive the defrosting process well, and end up mushy when the dish is reheated.